EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) uses electrical pulses to trigger muscle contractions.

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Do you feel that you have tried almost every exercise to lose weight , but just can not do it?

You don’t feel like dieting anymore or don’t have time for sports?

With our EMS device, losing weight without sports is also possible.

Imagine lying down for 30 minutes, during which your muscles contract around 30,000 times. This burns fat and also incidentally helps tighten the skin.

With electronic muscle stimulation, you can completely reshape your body quickly and easily. Imagine performing your arm, leg and abdominal exercises simultaneously.

EMS simulates movement and activates muscles with contraction and relaxation methods, literally moving your muscles for you.

Lose weight without diet

What is EMS?

During EMS Training Vienna, several electrodes are placed on the skin. Electronic muscle stimulation works by delivering electrical impulses that in turn activate nerves in the body. This causes the muscles to contract and then relax. The process resembles contractions as in physical activity and produces similar benefits.

During treatment with the EMS device, muscles that have become flabby over time are strengthened. For those who are trying to get rid of cellulite, want a flat stomach or simply want a better shape for more self-confidence, EMS Training Vienna is the right thing.

Advantages of electronic muscle stimulation

Electronic muscle stimulation is a holistic approach to body toning that helps you lose weight and reshape your body. Even more, the treatment is completely natural.

EMS Training Vienna is based on scientifically proven facts, with which effective results can be achieved in the shortest possible time. The stimulation process, in which the main muscle groups are contracted, toned and strengthened is painless. Some even find it pleasant.

One of the biggest advantages is that results are visible in just a few weeks. Experts believe that a 30 to 45 minute treatment with an EMS device, is equivalent to a 6-8 hour workout.

Lose weight without dieting:

Slimming Vienna

Does it really work?

An American study called “Effects of high-frequency current therapy on abdominal obesity in young women: a randomized controlled trial” investigated this very question. In the study, the subject group received 30 minutes of electrical muscle stimulation via a series of electrode pads placed on their abdomen. Each of the subjects completed a total of 18 EMS sessions, consisting of 3 sessions per week, over a 6-week period. The researchers measured waist circumference, body mass index, body fat percentage, and subcutaneous fat mass (the fat located under the skin).

Treatment results

The results were amazing, especially considering that these women did not change their workouts or diet in any way. Electronic muscle stimulation caused significant effects on abdominal flattening, waist circumference reduction, abdominal adiposity, body fat percentage, and subcutaneous fat mass. This led the study to state in the final results that the use of radiofrequency current therapy may be beneficial for reducing abdominal obesity in young women.

Lose weight without diet

Our EMS machines are equipped with 9 different pre-programmed computerized treatments that simulate circuit training without stressing the heart. You can target specific areas or get a full body workout while you relax and enjoy some down time. Experience a wonderful full body modeling. Relax and let the EMS machine do the work.

They are not suitable when:

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