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Our permanent makeup for the face includes lips, eyes and eyebrows. In addition, our superior scalp micropigmentation creates natural-looking hairlines for those dealing with hair loss of any kind. Take a look at our treatments.

Permanent makeup makes it possible to wake up every day with a fresh-looking makeup. Whether you’re going to the gym or going out for the evening, your makeup will stay perfectly in place. Our treatments at Adele Beauty Salon – Permanent Make Up Vienna will save you a lot of time in the morning. We make sure you always look fabulous – even when you sleep. Permanent Make Up is meant to easily enhance your facial features without anyone else knowing you did it. It should be done in a natural looking way and it should still allow you to apply more makeup if you wish.


Although it may not sound like permanent makeup, microblading is at the top of the list. Eyebrow Microblading is a semi-permanent permanent makeup procedure. It involves using a special hand-held microblading pen with very fine needles to implant pigment into the epidermis (first layer of skin), creating strokes that mimic the appearance of real brow hair.

Powder Brows

In this permanent makeup technique, pigments are implanted in a series of small dots throughout the eyebrow area. Powder effect brows are ideal for accentuating your natural color or shape, as they help define what you already have.

In our Permanent Make Up Vienna studio, we use high-end techniques that make your eyebrows look beautiful and natural with a very refined look. If longevity is important to you when choosing a cosmetic tattoo, powder effect eyebrows might be the right choice for you!


At ADELE beauty salon, we believe that a great eyeliner consists of 4 factors; skill, experience, excellent pigment.
Whatever your preference, our Permanent Make-Up Vienna service stands for quality. Our creativity is second to none, we give you that touch of class and stunning eyeliner design.

We offer different methods of permanent eyeliner. Each is tailored to your face, style and daily makeup routine. Eyeliner tattoo is perfect for those who want to give their eyes a clear definition. It has the power to make eyes appear wider, longer and deeper depending on the shape and technique.


There are several types of permanent make up for lips. In ADELE beauty salon we apply half-shading and full-shading. In addition, we also offer Lip Blushing, which is a special type of full shading.

In our studio for permanent make-up Vienna we use the latest and most modern technology of cosmetics. One of these techniques is PhiContour.

What is the procedure of Permanent Make Up treatments?

Prior to permanent makeup, patients meet with a professional for an individual consultation. You will learn what to expect from the procedure and discuss your treatment goals. You also choose the right pigmentation color to match your hair and skin tone. A professional can help you determine what looks most natural to you.

Patients often experience mild discomfort during treatment; the sensation varies among individuals but is often described as a slapping sensation. Anesthetic cream may be applied to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible during treatment. Stinging may occur in sensitive areas of the face, including the eyes and lips.

For some patients, the permanent makeup may fade slightly. Therefore, depending on the selected skin color and skin type, a second treatment may be required. This is called post-treatment.

After the treatment, there may be temporary redness and swelling in the respective area. However, this will gradually pass on its own and should not worry patients. In addition, the color appears darker than the originally selected shade and remains so for the next 7-10 days. This is also normal and to be expected, as it takes some time for the color to “sit”. During this time, a slight crusting may also occur.

In our studio for permanent make-up Vienna you can achieve the look you have always wanted. Whether you want to restore the fullness of your eyebrows or improve the appearance of your eyelashes, this pigmentation process is safe and can produce successful results.

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