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Powder Brows Training

Powder Brows Ausbildung

If you want to start your career as a permanent makeup artist or improve your permanent makeup skills, Adele Beauty Salon offers you the best training and Powder Brows training Vienna. With our comprehensive courses, you can expand your services to your customers and provide them with exactly what they demand.

Our course is flexible and tailored to your requirements. Eyebrows with powder technique are becoming more and more popular nowadays. This technique is best for those who want their eyebrows to look fuller, yet soft and subtle.

If you already have experience with microblading, Powder Brows training Vienna is quite easy to learn. Our course offers both theory and practice on live models under the guidance of a professional.

Powder Brows Training

At Adele Beauty Salon, they receive the best cosmetic care in all eyebrow treatments. Our experienced artists, who have been working in the field of cosmetology for a long time, advise and treat customers to their full satisfaction.

So that you too can satisfy your customers with the highest quality, attend our Powder Brows training. Offer your customers what they have been looking for or have already been treated for elsewhere.

Whether you are new to permanent make up, or have experience. Our course offers you to improve your skills or learn a new style. You never stop learning in the cosmetics industry!

About Powder Brows
Powder Brows Ausbildung Wienv

The Powder Brows treatment implants pigment into the eyebrow area to create the appearance of defined brows. This technique involves implanting pigments in a series of tiny dots throughout the eyebrow area. Powder technique eyebrows are ideal to emphasize your natural color or shape, as they help define what is already there. This method of eyebrow tattooing is the longest lasting, as the pigment is implanted deeper into the skin.

Adele beauty salon uses high quality modern techniques that will make your eyebrows look beautiful and natural with a very sophisticated look. If longevity is important to you when choosing a cosmetic tattoo, powder effect eyebrows might be the right choice for you!

Powder Brows Training Vienna

Why eyebrows with powder technique?

The powder technique is excellent for long-lasting eyebrows. This technique is especially good for our older clients, as hair strokes on mature skin do not last nearly as long. This is also a great technique for those who already have the brow shape or hair they want and are looking for more definition or color.

With the powder technique, you can achieve elegantly defined arches without using individual hair strokes. If you are interested in beautiful, intense brows that will stand the test of time, contact Adele Beauty Salon today to start your Powder Brows training Vienna!

Powder Brows Training Vienna

Course details

What are the contents of the Powder Brows training?



The Powder Brows course lasts 2 days



  • Health and safety theory
  • Contraindications for PMU eyebrows
  • Pre and post treatment
  • Powder Brows Treatment
  • Golden section
  • Pigment mixture
  • Pigment basic color theory
  • Eyebrow symmetry
  • Brewing designs
  • How to draw the perfect eyebrow shape with the golden ratio
  • How to draw a perfect eyebrow shape with thread
  • How to draw the perfect shape with clean lines
  • How to distinguish skin types and decide what is the best option for that particular skin type



Practical exercise on a banana and in the afternoon on a model


Certificate + Material

At the end of the day, the course participants will be given the certificate and the materials to be used in the treatment.


Certificate + Material

At the end of the day, the course participants will be given the certificate and the materials to be used in the treatment.

PRICE: € 2200,- (including device)

Price net plus 20% VAT

Powder Brows Training

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