Permanent Make Up Training

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Permanent Make Up Course

Adele beauty salon is a leader in permanent make up training, microblading, lips and eyeliner – training courses . Under the guidance of master artist Adile Öztürk, students receive professional training in microblading and learn permanent makeup techniques. Learning from the best teachers means that our students achieve outstanding results both during their permanent makeup lessons and after they graduate.
Our Permanent Make Up course creates beauticians who are confident and precise. Training in our beauty salon perfectly combines theory and practice. There are many hands-on opportunities where students can hone their craft by working with real clients under close supervision.

Permanent Make Up Training

What you will learn in the course...

Learn semi-permanent makeup from Master Adile Öztürk, founder and trainer of Adele Beauty Salon. The course is designed for both beginners and experienced artists who want to improve their skills to achieve the highest level of professionalism in permanent makeup. Master Adile Öztürk has worked with thousands of satisfied clients and has phenomenal experience in permanent makeup training.

  • Introduction of permanent makeup
  • Hygiene in the workplace
  • The basics of color theory
  • Details about the golden section
  • Facts about skin types and skin problems
  • How to correct an old permanent make-up
  • Commandments and prohibitions after care
  • How to use machine and needle
  • Tips on laws and regulations, insurance, advertising and marketing
  • Practice on live models
  • A certificate of completion of the course

The profile of the Permanent Make Up Training Vienna

This basic permanent make up course is designed to give you the fundamental skills to begin your career in the cosmetic tattoo industry.

Students will finish with the understanding and confidence to perform eyebrow, eyeliner, lip contouring and shading procedures. The permanent make up basics are based on years of experience.

This course is taught by Adile Öztürk, owner of Adele Beauty Salon and instructor. Their aesthetic background provides the student with an enhanced understanding of proper safety precautions, including sterilization, sanitation, and cross-contamination prevention, which are critical to understanding the extreme importance of sanitation in the industry.

Permanent Make Up Training Vienna

Course details

What are the contents of the permanent makeup training?



The permanent makeup course lasts 1 day



Anatomy of the eye & lips
How to apply pigments
Embedding pigments in the skin
Eye shapes, lip shapes
Eyeliner & Lips – Pattern



Drawing exercises
Needle depth
Set up and use machine
Application of lines and shading
Offer aftercare counseling
Practical exercise on a model


Certificate + Material

At the end of the day, the course participants will be given the certificate and the materials to be used in the treatment. (PMU machine, needles, pigment cup, pigment holder, pigment ink)

Permanent Make Up Course Vienna

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