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About Lash Extensions

Are you thinking about becoming a certified eyelash extension professional and growing your client base and income? Then you are at Adele beauty salon at the right place for eyelash extension training Vienna.

As in the technology industry and in many other industries, you need to continually educate yourself as a successful professional. Just as trends are constantly changing, so are equipment and techniques.

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular and the demand for certified eyelash technicians is greater than ever. If you don’t keep up with these changes, it won’t be long before you lose customers.

Eyelash extension course

What you will learn in the course...

We offer comprehensive lash application courses for individuals, beauty schools, and businesses looking to master lucrative and rewarding lash services. Our intensive course lasts 2 days (16 hours) and includes your own professional eyelash installation kit. It is the perfect blend of theory, understanding and workshop practice. Our mission is to provide proper training to aspiring eyelash technicians to ensure their success in the industry.

Upon completion, you will master the application of Classic and Volume lash extensions, be able to quickly identify the recommended size and thickness according to your client’s needs, as well as other advanced lash application techniques efficiently and safely.

Participants do not need to have any prior experience before this eyelash extension course. We keep our class sizes small, this allows for more 1-to-1 interaction which leads to higher educational achievement.

  • Understanding eye anatomy and eye shapes
  • Anatomy and physiology of the eyelash
  • Eyelash application
  • Complete and partial sets
  • Correct eyelashes
  • Different types of eyelashes
  • Shapes and fans
  • Tools for eyelash extension
  • Aftercare guide
  • Filling instructions
  • Frequent irritations and allergies
  • Eyelashes in poor condition
  • Glued tabs and effective connection tips
  • Posture and shape of the hand
  • Prepare customers
  • Preparation of natural eyelashes
  • Removal process
  • Products to be used for the application
  • Safety and hygiene protocols
  • Eyelash selection
  • Solve problems
  • Separate eyelashes

The profile of eyelash extension training Vienna

At ADELE beauty salon, we know that most of us women want to accentuate our face with the best beauty techniques. What better way to achieve this than to make our eyelashes shine? With our eyelash extension course, you will not only enjoy making your clients’ eyelashes look much longer and voluminous, but also beautify their eyes. These have the visual effect of being larger, resulting in a slimmer appearance.
Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this eyelash extension training. This experience can be of great benefit in your professional development and give a big boost to your services as an expert in the field of aesthetics.
At Adele Beauty Salon, we always provide our clients with all the safety and application measures that they must follow when using this type of technique.

Eyelash extension training Vienna

Course details

What are the contents of eyelash extension training?



Lashlifting course lasts 2 days



Introduction to eyelash extensions, hair growth cycle
Anatomy of the eyes
Pathology & Hygiene Management
Infection Control & Allergies
Basic product knowledge
Practicing isolation and recording eyelashes on mannequin
Eyelash design for different eye shapes
Eyelash mapping
Classic eyelash application
Correct eyelash pick up
Customer consultations
Practice on mannequin



All techniques for volume eyelashes
Eyelash formation
Correct fanning pickup
Basic knowledge about volume eyelash products
Practicing isolation and recording eyelashes on mannequin
Create the eyelash fan with perfect volume (handmade by you!)
Eyelash design for different eye shapes
Live model demonstration (from the trainer)
The student performs a complete treatment on a living model
Certification ceremony


Certificate + Material

At the end of the day, the course participants will be given the certificate and the materials to be used in the treatment. (trays with Classic & Volume Premium mink eyelashes (different sizes). Extra fine isolation tweezers, High quality Skinny Foot Classic Tweezers, Hand-picked volume tweezers, eyelash scissors, Ultra Plus glue, cream remover, Eyelash primer, eyelash cleanser, eyelash fans, eye gel pads, microbrushes).

Eyelash extension course Vienna

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