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What is Microblading?

This is the latest technology in the permanent makeup industry: hairs technique, drawing eyebrows with a much more natural look, with simple methods and fast healing.

Hair-to-hair design of eyebrows realized by this technique is very original. This method is perfect for people who want to improve their eyebrows in a completely natural way. In this method, the pigment is manually applied to the epidermis using a pen or a metal inductor and a specially curved needle that realizes a 3D design. Mineral-based inorganic pigments are hypoallergenic, which reduces the risk of pigmentation and eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions. This technique is more superficial than micropigmentation and uses gentle pressure to create fine incisions that are almost indistinguishable from actual eyebrow hairs, creating a very natural eyebrow appearance.

Microblading course

What you will learn in the course...

You will gain comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the procedure and master various skills for applying microblading eyebrows. We will cover all the necessary steps of manual microblading, from sterilization of tools and skin texture to proper application, aftercare and touch-ups. During the Microblading Training Vienna learn about the following: Microblading technique, safety and sterilization, skin texture, covering old tattoos, mixing colors to match the client’s natural hair or achieve the desired effect, tools and products used during the procedure, designing new eyebrows, different methods of drawing the eyebrow.

The profile of Microblading training Vienna

The Microblading course is designed for people who are not only interested in developing as a microblading professional in the field of beauty, but also for those who want to quickly enter the working world with a value recognized by clients and the market.
Microblading specialization is taught by a professional who safely teaches all the procedures to create the appropriate eyebrow design for each face type using the hairs technique. The Microblading Professional must interact ethically and productively with colleagues, clients, and suppliers and be flexible, innovative, and effective.

Microblading Training Vienna

Course details

What are the contents of the Microblading training?



The microblading course lasts 2 days


Theory - Day 1

Compliance with infection control standards
Golden section & shapes
Anatomy of the eyebrows
Identify vertebral types
Line pattern
Care after treatment


Practice - Day 2

Practice on the skin simulation
Live demonstration by Adile Öztürk
Students then carry out the practical application on their own live model


Certificate + Material

At the end of the day, the course participants will be given the certificate and the materials to be used in the treatment. (Disposable hand tools, microblading needles, scissors, eyebrow pencil, soothing aftercare cream,
Pigments, microfiber brushes, alcohol wipes, disposable pigment containers,…)

Microblading course Vienna

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