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Eyebrows permanently in perfect shape

Brow Lamination is a safe procedure that creates voluminous, sculpted, defined brows with keratin and vitamins to provide extra moisture for the appearance of hydrated, healthier, thicker brow hair. Eyebrow lamination eliminates brow problems like unruly eyebrows that grow in the wrong direction.

Brow Lifting is essentially shaping and fixing the brows in the desired position and lasts up to six to eight weeks.


Brow Lamination

Eyebrows have gained enormous importance in recent years and have become the protagonist of many makeup looks. The trend started with thick and well-defined eyebrows to highlight the look and has led to the “bushy eyebrows”. In other words, they wear thick, wide and combed eyebrows in a wild or natural way. The truth is that it could seem that this is the perfect trend to leave our eyebrows natural, without retouching them before leaving the house. But the reality is not.

After all, to show off fashionable eyebrows, a certain thickness and uniformity is necessary. Moreover, you only have to look at some examples of these bushy eyebrows to realize that some retouching and styling is needed. So if we have sparse, rebellious, irregularly shaped or poorly defined eyebrows, it will be difficult for us to achieve that flattering look.

Eyebrow lamination: the alternative to microblading

Brow Lamination

Is there anything else you can do for beautiful eyebrows besides waxing or microblading? The answer is yes: through an innovative treatment that is painless and more affordable than microblading.

We’re talking about eyebrow lifts, a type of permanent lamination that has become fashionable and allows you to enjoy fuller, more defined and flattering brows without the need for daily touch-ups.

It is similar to
Eyelash extension
and the
Eyelash lift,
due to their durability and purpose. This means that the results last for a certain period of time (in this case 6-8 weeks), after which a new treatment must be performed.

By the way, the trend comes from Russia. Compared to eyebrow lift Vienna, there this cosmetic treatment is already represented for years. Thanks to our Brow Lamination Vienna treatment, you can do without fixing gel and the eyebrow pencil.

It is an ideal cosmetic treatment for women with rebellious eyebrows. That is, those that consist of long, thick and generally untamable hair. We refer to this type of eyebrows that are difficult to comb and keep under control, which also prevents us from making them flattering or at least aesthetic when it comes to makeup. However, it is a treatment that can be applied to any type of eyebrow to solve several common problems: uneven hair, indeterminate or incorrect shape, uncontrolled growth, etc.

Since it is a treatment where dyes can be applied, even the thinnest eyebrows can gain thickness and density . For this reason, Brow Lifting is imposed as a great alternative to tattooing and microblading, because unlike them, it is a completely painless method.

Eyebrow lift: procedure of the treatment

The process begins with preparation by thorough cleansing with toner or micellar water. After that, the eyebrows are brushed. During brushing, a special product is used to soften and comb the hair to define the desired (and permanent) shape in the eyebrow. At this time, the final shape of the eyebrows is determined, which is maintained until the next session.

In the next step of eyebrow lamination, the hair is chemically straightened (as with any hair straightening with keratin in the salon), with a product that brings the most unruly hair into the desired shape. After that, a moisturizing and nourishing product is applied, after which you can complement the treatment with other types of procedures such as eyebrow tinting, hair removal or waxing .

In total, the eyebrow lift can last from 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of eyebrow and your needs.

Eyebrow lamination Vienna: Aftercare

It is important to take care of your eyebrows after a lamination. To ensure the lamination lasts, we recommend not getting it wet for at least 24 hours, no swimming or steam bathing. So make sure to wash your hair the night before your eyebrow appointment.

After 24 hours, it is recommended to apply castor oil to the brows every 1-2 days. This helps to moisturize them and also promotes the growth of new hairs so that your brows grow back thicker and more lush. Only a thin layer is recommended, as too thick a layer of oil will cause the lamination to fade more quickly. Another option is to groom your brows in the shower every few days.

Brush through your brows once a day to keep them looking their best!

Frequently asked questions

Unlike waxing and plucking, eyebrow lamination Vienna is a painless procedure. Keratin application may cause a tingling sensation on your brows, but that’s about it. After the brows are fixed, we shape the brows if needed, which may include plucking a few stray hairs.

Of course, the result can last differently for everyone. But usually the effect lasts up to 6-8 weeks. If performed regularly, even better results can be achieved.

  • Eyebrow lamination results in full looking eyebrows with a firm shape. That means less filling, drawing and shaping every day.
  • The result lasts 6-8 weeks, so you don’t have to worry about your eyebrows for a few weeks.
  • The procedure corrects sparse eyebrows by fanning them out. You will be able to maintain a set shape without constantly brushing your brows upward.
  • Unlike other eyebrow treatments, lamination itself does not hurt.
  • Eyebrow lamination is not for everyone. We find that eyebrow lift is not very appropriate for some face shapes. Of course, if you visit our cosmetic studio, we will advise you before a treatment and so we can recommend an alternative.
  • The procedure is semi-permanent, so if you have it done and don’t like it, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the effect to wear off completely.

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