Microneedling training

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Microneedling training

It is a safe, effective and minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in which the skin is pierced repeatedly with small sterile microneedling needles.

It was originally introduced for skin rejuvenation (CIT – Collagen Induction Therapy).

After a careful and advanced research of active ingredients, tools and specific working methods, it is used for a wide range of treatments, including:
– Tissue rejuvenation,
– Skin restructuring,
– deep wrinkles in the third stage,
– Hyperpigmentation spots, including postinflammatory,
– scarring acne,
– oily and dry seborrhea,
– Stretch marks (striae distensee),
– Cellulite with micro nodules.

It is a skin rejuvenation technique that triggers a repair response of the organism through microperforations with fine needles that intervene by stimulating collagen production and cell turnover.

The microlesions produced by the Dermapen create a controlled wounding of the skin without actually damaging the epidermis, which in turn increases connective tissue growth factor and fibroblast (FGF) activity responsible for the production of elastin and elastin collagen.

Microneedling course

We know that smooth and radiant skin makes your face look younger and more beautiful. If you need a professional treatment to have a much younger and more radiant skin, the solution is Microneedling. This treatment manages to reduce wrinkles, increase luminosity or reduce acne scars, depending on the active ingredient used in each session.

In addition to making your skin much cleaner of impurities and reducing wrinkles, microneedling allows you to add various serums to have healthier skin for much longer. You will learn all these treatments in our Microneedling training Vienna.

Microneedling Training Vienna

Microneedling Kurs

The training program is designed for individuals who are not only interested in developing as microneedling specialists in the field of aesthetics, but also for those who want to quickly enter the working world with skills recognized by clients and the market.

The instructor Adile Öztürk, who gives the specialization course in microneedling, is a professional who safely teaches all the procedures related to this technique. An esthetician practicing microneedling must be ethical and productive with his or her colleagues, clients, and suppliers, and be flexible, innovative, and effective.

All aspects of microneedling are covered in the training program, what needles to use, what technique to use, and how to treat various skin imperfections. In-depth training that allows you to fully exploit the enormous potential of this tool.

Microneedling Schulung Wien

Microneedling training

At the end of the course, you will be able to perform personalized treatments based on the skin problems you want to solve and have concrete results for the face, neck and décolleté:

  • Enlarged pores Tighter, more compact and radiant skin
  • Alleviation of fine and medium wrinkles
  • Reduction of bags and circles under the eyes
  • Reduction of acne scars Restoration of the natural pH of the skin Deep hydration Improvement of pimples and discolorations.

These are just a few of the beneficial effects of microneedling on the skin when done properly and the right products are used.

Microneedling Training Vienna

Course details

What are the contents of the Phibright microneedling training?



The Microneedling Phibright course lasts 1 day



Functions and structure of the skin
Skin types
Skin diseases and conditions
Skin Aging & Healing
To perform a comprehensive skin assessment
Assessment – skin diseases and concerns
Structure of the hair follicle and hair
Proper pretreatment and preparation of the skin for microneedling
Sensitive follow-up for better results
Choosing the right serums



Practical exercise on a live model


Certificate + Material

At the end of the day, the course participants are given the certificate and the materials used in the treatment for 20 clients. (Microneedling device, needle heads, serums,…)

PRICE: € 2100,- (including device)

Price net plus 20% VAT

Microneedling Course Vienna

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