Microblading Vienna

Eyebrows from the professional with hair technique

Eyebrows Microblading

Microblading is the latest trend in semi-permanent makeup. This procedure is in great demand, as it allows us to achieve extremely natural results. Individual hairs are simulated to create the perfect shape along with a custom blend color. A properly shaped, natural eyebrow is one of the most important features on the face.

Microblading Wien Microblading Wien

Eyebrow Microblading is suitable for thinning, sparse and over plucked eyebrows in women and men of all ages. Eyebrow microblading is performed with a special microblading tool. A small amount of pigment is introduced into the outer layer of skin to create fine hairlines. The microblading results are long-lasting and incredibly realistic.

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Microblading Vienna

Natural eyebrows with PhiBrows

With PhiBrows, the shape of the eyebrows is calculated based on the shape of the face and the golden section (Phi 1.618). The technique is aimed at people who want hyper-realistic eyebrows with a perfect shape.

What to look for in microblading eyebrows

Failure to follow the care instructions may result in infection, loss of pigment or discoloration.

Microblading Wien, Augenbrauen Microblading

Before treatment

After treatment

Microblading Augenbrauen

What are the advantages of microblading eyebrows?

For many of us, applying our makeup can be a big part of our morning routine. With microblading, you can eliminate the part where you have to fill in your thin eyebrows or pluck them at the last minute to make them look acceptable.

When you think about how much money you spend on brow pencils, eyebrow wax, shaping, brushes and tweezers, you’ll realize that microblading is an investment that can actually save you money (and stress).

Microblading doesn’t smudge or smear, so you can enjoy all the swimming, saunas, hot tubs and workouts you like without having to touch up your brows.

It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a natural eyebrow and one that has been microbladed by one of our talented beauticians!

This non-invasive treatment provides perfect brows for up to two years! Your eyebrows with microblading will retain their shape and size with only minor touch-ups.

Maybe you have seen someone with red or strangely colored eyebrows. At ADELE, our microblading pigments are organic and are specially formulated not to change color, but to wear off naturally over time.

Microblading takes only about 1.5 – 2 hours for perfect brows! Since there is no downtime, you can present your immediate results the same day. You can even go directly from the salon to the office.

"The eyebrow microblading exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier. The entire process went smoothly and the end result was fabulous!!! I have no hesitation in recommending ADELE beauty salon to friends and family. She is one of the best in the business. A beautiful studio, expert advice and a great result. Adile and her team are true professionals."